[Audio] The Art of Pilgrimage

I’m exploring something new this post. An Audio Blog! Just click on the link below to listen. I also included some photos and links to support in the storytelling. As I prepare for my community presentation (next Sat!) on the stories of my PCT pilgrimage, I’ve been reminded how necessary it is to try something new, to abandon the old and familiar, to see what newness meets us at the edge of mystery and anticipation. To be more imagination that programmed expectation. Yes! The art of pilgrimage. Here goes.

Sending this off in all of its imperfections. If any feedback, I’d love to hear! Leave a comment so I don’t just hear crickets…though I do honestly love that sound, too.

Gratitude, Feasting & Family Time

We did take a full family photo but you will have to wait for our Walsh Family Holiday card.




My oldest brother, Nathan and his wife, Detzaira with their new cutie, Colin Sebastian Walsh-Macias. I arrived back home to Portland on September 23. Colin was born on Sept 27. So grateful he caught my request to wait for me to be in cell range so I could be connected to my family during his entry into this world!

Coming up! Meditations On the Art of Pilgrimage

A Pilgrim’s Stories: Facebook Event Link Here

*Feeling excited and a little nervous about this endeavor. I’ve begun to narrow down my stories and refine the content for the evening. Crazy it has been over 2-months since I came home.

A Pilgrim_s Stories

I have an ASK: Will you testify for me?

Break In_Fotor

I will be moving into my business website/web home in late December! Woah. Life is moving fast. To prepare, I am actively developing content and acting on my creative inspiration for this new space that will be a second home to me and to all those who meet me through the doors of my business.  I can’t think of a better gift to make that space feel cozy to me and my clients than having a few testimonials posted from people who’ve known me in all of my quirks and gifts.

If interested, here is the process:

(1) Write a short testimonial. How am I in my relationships? What stands out about me? How do I make people feel?

(2) Include your name and how you’d like to be known as a part of my life story. (Example: Testimonial by Aunt Sally, The aunt with the famous lasagna who witnessed Leah’s terrible twos, or…). If you desire to remain anonymous- totally cool.

(3) If desired, I’d love for you to send a photo of yourself. It could be a photo from years ago, maybe when we first met or from your fun vacation this summer. Totally optional.

(4) Email me or submit it through the comment box under the “Contact” tab on this blog site *you won’t be able to send a picture this way. My email: beauty.of.peace@gmail.com

I’m grateful to get creative in this process with you! You are a part of my ceremony.

Time for a 2-min Survey?

Here’s What’s On My Menu

Reading: Ancestral Medicine: Rituals for Personal and Family Healing by David Foor

Listening: Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking (Audio Book), Matt People’s Irish Reel

Joy: Gabe and Wake Up to Politics **If you want a daily news update from a brilliant 15-year old, check this out. Gabe has made my news palatable.

Creative Expression: DIY Moon Pads

Concern: Exploring How to Indigenize Thanksgiving, Rights for Trans Peoples (Robyn Kanner)

Circulate Good: Oregon Give Guide (GiG)…amazing model of collaborative community support for local and small do-good businesses

Hungry for: **inspiration here from Rachel Cole Love her work!

  • Rich & Sexy Hot Chocolate, Tip: Add licorice root powder rather than sugar for a sweetener
  • For our president to realize that his only superpower is his heart
  • Eating meat straight off the bone
  • For all people to openly love and trust of their own bodies
  • More time with my nephew!
  • Winter book club to begin

Quotey-Goodness to Send Us on Our Way

To seek out beauty in our work is to make a pilgrimage of our labors, to understand that the consummation of work lies not only in what we have done, but who we have become while accomplishing the task.                           David Whyte

Ice Plant_Fotor


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    • Right! This is the point where we are riding around my learning curve. You “should” be able to access it if you click on the blog title in your email (for those that are email subscribers). This will take you to the actual blog web address. Here you should see the SoundCloud image right near the top. Click the image to open. Let us see what happens!


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