Singing to the Dark

All the ingredients are on the counter. The smell of acorn soup soon to be filling the corners of our home. I am preparing for a gaggle of friends and community members to come over for a Solstice celebration. We are planning to craft, sing songs, share food, and rejoice in sweet company. I am sure we will light candles, too, as the darkness comes.

I am feeling the warmth of each and every one of you in this moment. Feeling your presence also joining us.

Thank you for supporting me to walk through this most incredible year. It has been the best year of my life! Receiving your friendships and well-lived stories are my greatest riches. In this moment, I am sending you the most relaxing virtual foot massage ever (maybe you could pass the message directly onto your feet for me?! adding some coconut oil. Really. ) to your well-traveled feet. The road has been rough at times.

Those soles of yours are so wise. Delighted to be walking with you.


Next week I’ll be back with some videos (!) from my PCT Storytelling night that took place here in Portland earlier this month. For now, I’m off to keep humming, crafting cards, and chopping onions.

All my love to you and your relations. Happy holy times,



“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you love. It will not lead you astray.”  –Rumi

One thought on “Singing to the Dark

  1. What a SPECTACULAR life!!!!! Grateful to see you on our life walks…Grateful that you are on this planet at this time… holding the light for others to see.
    In love, tu mama’


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