[Video] It is here! Part 1: The Beginning

Did it! I navigated new editing technology to get the video from my storytelling evening into 4 “episodes.” I’ll be sending an episode out each of the next 4 days along with a short list of wisdom tips I learned from the Pacific Crest Trail. Enjoy them!

Thank you again to all who came in person. It was the BIGGEST blessing to share reflections about what made this soul-guided year the best year of my life.

I am ever-so-hopeful that you’ll be able to view the video easily in the body of the blog. If not, click on the blog title (if reading in the email) and you should be able to view it from my blog site.

Thank you, Jackie Sandquist, for being so attentive as my videographer. Grateful!

Episode 1: 350 Solo Miles, The Beginning


Day 1: Wisdom Tips from the Pacific Crest Trail

  • Always carry a hankie
  • If you have the right gear, do not hesitate. Get out and dance in the rain…or snow!
  • Know your water source by name
  • Sharing time and true presence is the basis of true wealth and abundance
  • Never discount the value of an umbrella (*great to keep in the trunk of a car)
  • Direction is individually defined
  • Personal revolutions can be the roots for the greatest political acts

I’ll be back tomorrow!


PS Will you celebrate with me?! Tomorrow is my daylong class where I’ll put all the elements of my coaching website together. I’ve been blessing this virtual land as a safe, cozy, and potent healing space for so many good people to find me. Another beginning is unfolding before me. And so the trail continues under my feet…

“Laughter is carbonated holiness.”  –Anne Lamott


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