[Video] Keepin’ On, Part 3: Fires & Visions

I still cringe thinking of that night I did not hang my bag of food.

That little mouse kept me up but I did not have it in me after a long and weary wet day to get out and hang it…until it got 1/2 way through one of my dried dinners

Watching the end of this video, I still easily laugh at that moment I was dropped off for my last 80 miles.

Was I ready for the snow? Really?

Episode 3: 350 Solo Miles, Fires & Visions

Day 3: Wisdom Tips from the Pacific Crest Trail

  • Decide to be on your own team
  • Give away more than you want to and hold on to more than you want to *still in major study with this paradox
  • Learn the name of your plant and animal relatives and give them your gratitude
  • Observe their ecological commerce. How are everyone’s needs met?
  • Explore your rhythms
  • Tend the Wild
  • Welcome daily death and decay as wise and rightfully messy friends

Back again tomorrow for the closeout (and celebration) of 2017!


P.S.: We took a few minutes for a reflective writing activity in this Episode. I left this silent space in the video. If you’d like to skip over it (though highly recommend!), my storytelling resumes at 14:05 (activity starts at 10:30). The prompts are included below.

P.P.S.: Build a Website in a Day class complete! Lots more content creation and giving the site my creative flare…but coming…! More genuine Leah creations to come in 2018.

P.P.P.S.: The picture for this site is the sunrise I refer to in the video. I’m telling you. Glorious.

Question Prompts For Reflection (Activty from Episode 3):

What is the vision for your life?

What does the story of your life (including your greatest love, inspiration, grief, and restless despair) tell you about your purpose? Your gifts?

What do you consider to be your own greatest rites of passage in your life?


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