[Final Video] Gliding into 2018!

Bare Organics

It is total truth.

This indeed has been the best and most creative year of my adult life.

As a way to capture the lessons of this time, I created this offering. May it be a gift to share, offer a pause for reflection, spark inspiration, or be a reminder that you have an adventurous friend who retired early to explore the callings of her heart and soul.

32 Gifts of Wisdom (2017)

And the final episode is here!

Oh, how much continues to unfold from this adventure…even since this video was filmed.

Episode 4: 350 Solo Miles, Cold Hand & Coming Home

So…what is next? What will this new year bring for us in joys and challenges? 

2018 for Huckleberries and Hope will definitely bring change. I sense some closing as I fully open the doors to my business in the coming months.

Soon, I will get to announce the opening of my WebHome (the term I am using for my website, as I do intend for it to be a safe and creative online refuge/home). When this happens, do come visit! The growing of this seed-business has come directly through the sweat, grime, and grit crafted by every step of this journey.

In this light, I want to give you my most sincere gratitude. Deep, deep bow.

Thank you for walking beside me.

And Happy New Year!


P.S.: If you need some song medicine, breathe this in. Dear friends sharing their gifts. Beauty and love to sing in the new year.

One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. 

-Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche


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